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These are photos of parts after they were vapor blasted. There are also a few "before" photos so you can see what vapor blasting can do for an old part. Once you finish your project and would like to submit photos to post here, send them to me via Email, and I will publish them when I get a chance.
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"My parts arrived some time last week. They look beautiful. I'm very pleased with how they came out, it looks even better than the last batch of parts. They are brighter and look so nice. Thanks again I'll send pics of both engines soon. I took it to its first show and it won best of show motorcycle. Thanks again."
Xander W. -Grafton, OH
BSA B50 Restoration
Tom E. -Naples, FLA
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"I just made it home, and found the most stunning Montesa Cota 25 parts waiting for me that I could ever imagine. I'm still amazed at how you are able to transform old junk parts into concours-level works of art. BSA parts will be on the way to you soon."
Thanks, Tom."
Tom E. -Naples, FLA
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Go to the Yamaha bike forum to view Mark P's Rd400 project, vapor blasting photo, and comments.
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"Hey Brad,
   Received the parts yesterday, everything looks great. It's hard to
believe those parts are 42 years old after seeing  the results. Great job,
very happy with your work, would not hesitate to send more items in the
future. I must say through this whole restoration you have been in my opinion, the fairest in price and someone who still takes pride in their work. Thanks Again."
Bob T. -Jupiter, FLA
"Hi Brad. I hope you are doing well. Check out your beautiful work. I will be sending you a bunch of stuff in the next few weeks."
Bill E. Egge of Egge Cyclecraft -Baltimore MD
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