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Do you hate the mandated safety spouts on fuel cans nowadays? Just about everyone does, including me. It's bad enough holding up a 5 gallon can waiting at least five minutes for it to drain because of a restrictive safety spout, but to make matters worse, the valve is usually either too stiff to open, and then opens all at once, spilling fuel all over everything, including my boots. When the valve does operate as it should, it still takes forever to drain a can because the vent is right where the fuel is supposed to drain. For years I wondered why it had to be this complicated. Then a friend told me about this handy replacement spout kit, which allowed me to easily replace those valves with new "old school" style spouts. I tried them out, and found they work great. I still don't like lifting a 5 gallon can, but at least now I don't spill fuel over my bike, atv, lawn mower, and me anymore.
Kit includes: Spout, 2 Caps, Snap-in Vent, 2 Thread adaptors, and Flame Arrester

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Get rid of those pain in the rump gas can safety nozzles for good! (As seen on Arnold's Design Youtube channel)
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These replacement spouts also come in a high flow version, which reportedly drain a large can in about 90 seconds, and is perfect for filling large auto and agricultural machine tanks.
Kit includes Large spout, Reducer spout, Two thread adapters, Snap-in Vent, 2 caps, and Cap tether.

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I get asked a lot by customers how they can protect their vapor blasted finishes after they receive them. I tell them vapor blasting holds up well on its own as long as it isn't exposed to a prolonged outdoor environment, salt, or other harsh environments. If that can't be avoided, I have a couple recommendations to keep aluminum castings looking good. The first is a product from Everbrite, Inc. called ProtectaClear. It is a hardening durable clear coat designed to not yellow over time like some other clear coats do. It will act like a cladding around your aluminum and protect it from environmental factors. It is a little more expensive, but a little goes a long way.

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Another product I recommend is ACF-50. It is very widely used by motorcycle, boat, and auto owners as a corrosion killer and preventer. It was originally developed by Lear Chemical Corporation to protect Aviation structures from corrosion. It sprays on as a non hardening thin film which creeps into very small spaces, such as moving interfaces, riveted panels, fasteners, and on large surfaces, where it stops existing corrosion, and prevents any new corossion from forming. It dries into a thin protective film. One application lasts  2 years.

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What my customers say about ACF-50.
"On the ACF-50 - I like it a lot. I used it mostly on the wheel hubs and the carbs. I tend to polish the engine cases more often, so only used it sparingly on the engine itself. It's great stuff. The thing about the vapor blast finish in general that I like is that nothing really sticks to it. Oil and grime and dust etc just seem to wipe right off. I'm loving the look myself, and the ACF-50 has proved to be a good way to seal it a bit without adding a clear coat - which I don't want. So I'd recommend it… in fact I lent a can of it to a friend with a ton of aluminum stuff on his bike."
-Mike H.
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Good day Brad !
A little ACF goes a long way. It's a nice low-maintenance finish.

 Initially I though $28.00 Cdn was a lot for a spray-can, but the thing is it doesn't just evaporate like other compounds. A very little spray on a cloth and you can wipe it over everything & have tons left.

I had an engine issue resulting in un-burned oil getting blown through the cylinders..and it got forced out the exhaust manifolds and all over the cases. It wiped off effortlessly and left a perfect finish - I can only attribute that to the ACF I wiped on their last fall!
Kind regards,

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"Brad, I got your email about ACF-50, love the way it works! I've been recommending it to my customers. Wiped the cases with it and as you can see they look beautiful. I've enclosed some photos of the finished bike. I do have more photos of before and after if you need.
Thanks again for your great work."
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