The Vapor Blaster Handbook  $10
Ever since my first YouTube video showing vapor blasting in 2013, I've had countless people ask me when I was going to write a book on how to build vapor blasters, and now it's finally here. 90 day money back guarantee.
Based on 12 years of building and using my own vapor blasters in my restoration business, The Vapor Blaster Handbook contains an extensive amount of info to help you convert a regularly available dry blasting cabinet into a vapor blasting cabinet, aka wet blasting cabinet. The book is the culmination of three years of work and 3D layout drawing. It contains dozens of illustrations, part numbers with links, and directions on how each part plays a role in the system. New, and even used vapor blasters costs many thousands to buy. Build your own for a small fraction of the price.

The book is broken down into separate units representing different cabinet systems. I also suggest getting the 3D model of the vapor blasting cabinet. It will greatly assist in the build.
Buy at least two sets of plans and get 50% OFF your entire order. Enter discount code "springfling2020" at checkout. Limited time offer.
Vapor Blaster 3D Model  $10
Shown in Sketchup Viewer
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D model is worth at least ten times that. As you work your way through the Vapor Blasting Handbook, the model will give you a 3D virtual walk-around view that you can move around, rotate, and zoom at your will, to better show the construction at any angle, and clear up any questions you might have. The model is designed to be a supplement to The Vapor Blasting Handbook to make the building process as easy as possible for a first time builder. The illustrations in the book are all derived from this 3D model. The 3D model does not contain any part lists, or directions. 90 day money back guarantee.
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